Previous Clients


Design & development of greenfield Pathology system.

(Angular 4, Bootstrap4, Material Design, TypeScript, ES6,
ASP.NET Core Web Api, Swagger UI & Codegen)

Integration of Flux/Redux state management & introduced automated front-end unit testing to team.

Enhancements to existing Angular.js & native JavaScript systems (Haymarket)

Re-engineering of website & CMS system to MEAN Stack.

Assisted in converting site to responsive fluid grid.

Created angular pages & node modules for user subscriptions & payments system.

Design & build of
featuring Bootstrap3, JQuery, Font-Awesome, Modernizr, Google Analytics and SCSS partials. Animations via native Css3, Animate.css & Waypoints.js libraries

All served up via GitHub pages

Photography all done myself with my trusty Nikon 3000 DSLR & image editing in GIMP

Monokai Theme

WebStorm Theme & Styling
GitHub: ao-webstorm-monokai

Three essential ingredients for baking code:
a quality Chair, a quality Mouse & a quality IDE.

Quality IDE's need customisable visual/colour indicators for code & inspections (hey, I just like my attributes purple & args orange! - inspired by sublime monokai)