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Audio Orange Steve Stephen Palmer

Steve Palmer or Stephen Palmer

Over 25 years commercial experience, through multiple tech paradigm shifts.. Have skills across the full stack & life cycle. Particularly enjoying UI design & dev in the new responsive world.

Steve Palmer or Stephen Palmer

My other passion is music composition, production & sound design. Self taught on keys & guitar and built up home studio around Apple's Logic Pro X, NI Komplete suite & Access Virus synth.

Steve Palmer or Stephen Palmer


 Curriculum Vitae


Communication is one of my key strengths, essential for conveying ideas at various abstraction levels to project members & stakeholders.

Am keen to promote Quality & Automated testing. Was high priority when started my career at AT&T (iso9001 etc..) but with todays 'throw away app' mindset, is too easily forgotten!

Current focus area is Front-End Development with Angular, TypeScript, Css3, RWD & Visualisation, within the mesmerizing supporting ecosystem.. (can adapt quickly to new tech... my depth of experience means can always find something to relate new concepts to)

Angular 1-9


JavaScript ES5

RWD native, Flexbox, Bootstrap

Automated Unit Testing - TestBed

E2E testing - Protractor



Css3 (Scss & Less)

Material Design

Raster images - GIMP

Vector images - Inkscape

Wireframing - Pencil

Animations (native & libs)

Visualisation (D3/C3)

Node.js (Express)




Oracle (Sql, Plsql, Apex)

NoSQL (MongoDB, CosmosDB)

Build (npm, WebPack, Gulp)

Windows, Linux & OSX

Audio production




Image re-sampling, editing & logos, using open source GIMP & Inkscape. Audio Orange GIMP Shows what community can achieve..

Audio Orange Inkscape

Right tool for the right job..
Past & Present..
Add rigor to front-end "wild west"!

Audio Orange Steve Palmer

WebStorm rocks - "intelligent code completion at its finest" & stack of features for modern JavaScript development..

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Steve Palmer or Stephen Palmer
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